About us

RI Advice Group

Our advisers are part of a network of specialists who have helped over 80,000 Australians build and protect their wealth. We are one of Australia’s oldest and most well-regarded financial advice groups. RI Advice Group holds Australian Financial Services License 238429, licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission to provide you with advice on a range of financial issues and products.

Since 1979 under the name RetireInvest, we are now one of Australia’s largest and longest established financial advisory groups. RI Advice Group is owned by OnePath, a subsidiary of the ANZ group.

OnePath (formerly ING Australia)

A leading provider of investment, insurance, super and retirement solutions with over 130 years in the Australian market*. OnePath is the specialist wealth management and protection business of ANZ.


One of the top four banks in Australia, a top 10 listed company on the ASX with 5.7 million customers in 32 countries, over 39,000 employees and growing. A history of 170 years in Australia*.

* Figures correct as of September 2015

www.riadvice.com.au  |  www.retireinvest.com.au

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